Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honda CBR 150

CBR 150 R

CBR 150

When in the arena Jakarta Motor Show 2010 in booth alongside Honda CBR 250R and 150R. When the CBR 250R is marketed, for the 150R, received information will be released to the market in Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) June-July 2011 on this. "The plan will be launched this year PRJ, hopefully can be done because the fitting moment," said a source to, recently.
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), car manufacturers Honda motorcycles in Indonesia even have registered the unit with the code of PT Astra Honda Motor, Honda CBR 150 RC (IN) M / T to the Ministry of Industry as of Monday (4/18/2011) and still Process status. That is, companies are waiting to get permission to import a certain number of units.
Last month (March), AHM once applied import unit in small quantities for type test. Import options have been made considering the operational cost is cheaper than mass production and setting up assembly facilities in Indonesia. When the volume reaches economies of scale, new CKD possible.
AHM intention to market CBR 150R in order to complete the sports model, a special class that has been entered into with CBR 250R, which was launched last February. Today, Honda CBR 150R are positioned side by side with the New Mega pros to compete with Yamaha, who led the sports segment with mainstay products Vixion and Byson.
On price CBR 150R, supposedly far more competitive than the products that have been released in Indonesia by general importers. "If IU cost about USD 38-USD 39 million-an per unit, would be under it," said another source familiar with the plan.

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